What Is It?

A coping skills toolkit is something that can be used in moments of distress. If you have everything gathered in one place, it’s easier to remember your coping skills, rather than using negative behaviours.


Comforting yourself through your senses

1.      Something to touch ex- teddy, slime, stress ball.

2.      Something to hear ex- music, guided medication.

3.      Something to see ex- pictures, a snow globe.

4.      Favourite sweet, chewing gum, drink.

5.      Something to smell ex- candle, perfume, hand cream.


(Taking your mind off the problem, or horrible feeling for a while)


Puzzles, books, arts & crafts,

List of positive websites, music, films.

Opposite Action

(Doing something opposite of the impulse that’s consistent with a more positive emotion)

1.      Affirmations and Inspiration

(Looking at or drawing motivational and positive statements)

2.      Something funny or feel good

(Funny YouTube clips, films, memories)

Emotional Awareness

(Tools for identifying and expressing your feelings).

Emotions chart/ emotional ladder, a diary, art utensils.


(Tools for centering and grounding yourself in the present moment)


Mediation or relaxation recordings, grounding objects such as – bubbles, pebbles, yoga mat, breathing exercises.

Crisis Plan

(Contact info of support and resources, for when coping skills aren’t enough).

Family, friends, mental health professionals, therapist, A&E

Put It All Together!

Once all the items have been gathered, put them in a box, decorate it (if you wish) and put it in a place you will remember. THEN USE IT!